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I Have Been Slayed

And not by Buffy, though I would consider that an honor, too.

Last night I attended the Formation World Tour in Santa Clara and saw the Queen: Beyoncé. And I now have a Beyoncé Hangover(TM), though that may be due to the high altitude of our nosebleed seats and the ALMOST NINETY MINUTES we spent in the miserably disorganized and congested Levi’s Stadium parking lot of DOOM after the show. Still, it was all worth it. I had two hot dogs, bought two overpriced Bey shirts, and cried when she sang “All Night.” It was a hell of a show, and if you love spectacle, glitter, Becky-with-the-good-hair conspiracies, pissing off old white guys who think she hates the police, and joy, I suggest you see it if you possibly can. But not at Levi’s Stadium, because that is the Ninth Layer of Hell.

Check out the album, which includes some video, and OKAY LADIES NOW LET’S GET IN FORMATION!


Anyone else at the concert last night? Drop me a line in the comments!

The White Girl’s Guide to Listening to #Lemonade

I greatly enjoy Beyoncé’s new album and am seeing her in concert on Monday, so here is my guide to how to listen to her new album #Lemonade if you, like myself, are a white girl:

Step 1: Watch the visual album and/or listen to the tracks on Tidal or iTunes, etc.

Step 2: Decide whether or not you like it. If you do like it, keep listening to it and feel free to tell people that you enjoyed it! If you do not like it, you do not have to keep listening to it and can listen to something else, or watch Netflix or have a beer or something.

Step 4: Refrain from writing any lengthy think-pieces about Lemonade on the internet with your special white-girl perspective or bemoaning about how it’s for black women and not for you specifically because no one needs that, nor do they care.

Step 5: That’s it. Congrats! You have successfully listened to Lemonade as a white girl!

Step 6 (Optional): If desired, drink a glass of actual lemonade and enjoy that, because lemonade the drink is actually quite refreshing and delicious.

You’re welcome.



X-treme Walking & Drinking

Soooo…remember how I was only going to have two drinks per day in New Orleans!? LOLOLOLOL OK, YEAH.

Technically, I only had three drinks yesterday, but the third was this Hurricane from Pat O’Briens (thanks to the commenter who suggested it!) which had, like, several shots of rum in it. So who knows what my count was yesterday lol.


I was preeeety tipsy. However, that didn’t prevent me from walking nearly 10,000 steps yesterday! Before my injury, I was walking minimum 10-12,000 steps a day, but over the past two weeks I’d probably been averaging 2,000 per day, so I am VERY proud of my X-TREEEEEEEEME (yeah, I’m really reaching for the letter X here, but the only other topics I could think of were Xerox machines and Xenophobia, which are both boring and/or enraging subjects. And I am proud of my walking, god damn it! And even proud of my drinking, because I knew my body and only had water at dinner last night and had a veggie pasta dish (which was delicious). Basically, I am a FUCKING PARAGON OF VIRTUE.

But, yeah. New Orleans is pretty great, though the heat and humidity are INSANE. You know it’s hot when you drink three big cocktails and countless glasses of water and barely need to pee because you are sweating it ALL out. So in terms of my NOLA goals, I’m at least meeting the sweating one.

Today is day one of JazzFest, and we’re hoping that Lauryn Hill shows up for her set, because you never know with that girl. Happy Friday!


If y’all have any more NOLA suggestions, please do leave them in the comments, they are GREAT.