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Orlando, Guns, and Love: I’ve had wine so here we go

FYI: If you think it’s totally okay for private citizens to be able to purchase semi-automatic assault rifles easily in the United States, you might as well go find another blog post to read because you will not like this one. Have fun!


So here we are again. The worst mass shooting in modern American history. At least 50 dead, dozens more injured, countless families destroyed, law enforcement in Orlando stretched so thin they can barely handle it, endless twitter and facebook posts with prayers for the dead and injured, Presidential speeches and political rants.

Prayers and thoughts are nice, but they aren’t keeping AR-15s out of the hands of evil assholes, misogynists, terrorists, and homophobes like this asshole who did this today. They aren’t teaching our children to resolve feelings of anger and hatred in therapy instead of with violence, or to see all humans as worthy of respect and life even if they are different from them.

Here’s some shit I am doing now in light of this and other mass shootings. If you think that human life is more important than some asshole’s need to carry his AR-15 to the Chipotle or some douchebag’s discomfort at possibly having to pee in a shitty Target bathroom next to someone whose birth certificate says a different gender than the one they currently identify with or some religious fanatic’s fear of the power and value inherent in women and LGBT individuals’ existences, I hope you’ll do some of it, too.

  • Donate: I’ve just donated a small amount each to these two organizations:
    • Fund for Victims of Pulse Shooting via Equality Florida (
      GoFundMe): https://www.gofundme.com/PulseVictimsFund. Equality is the official LGBT civil rights org in Florida and they’ll be working with their attorneys and other organizations to distribute these funds to the victims and their families.
    • The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: a decades-old organization dedicated to common sense gun control and ending gun violence! http://csgv.org/
    • Obviously there are other organizations as well, but these are just a couple, so if you have a spare $1 or $10 or $100 give to groups who are fighting common-sense gun control.
  • Read/get informed: 
    • I followed @igorvolsky on Twitter; he is the Deputy Director for the Center for American Progess action fund. He is tweeting the names of members of Congress who have accepted money from the NRA so you know who NOT to vote for in November or future elections if you care about stopping these mass shootings regardless of motivation.
    • This article also details the members of Congress (mostly Republicans, but some Dems in there too!) who voted AGAINST the act to include perceived gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disabilities as protected classes under existing federal hate crimes law. The law passed, but not easily. If your Senator or Representative is on this list, and you give a shit about LGBT and disabled people, do not vote for these asshats in the future, and call them up and tell them why!
  • Vote based on this information: 
    • This Fall, I’m voting for Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of the United States, not only because she is NOT a giant sentient Cheeto with a yellow wig who spews racist bullshit on Twitter every 3.5 hours and wants to have sex with its daughter, but because I strongly agree with her on many issues- especially women’s reproductive rights and gun control. She has an F rating from the NRA, which is the best failing grade someone can get if you ask me!
    • I’m a California voter, and so will also be voting in the Fall for Democrat Kamala D. Harris for US Senator to replace retiring Senator Barbara Boxer. Her opponent in the race is also a Democrat, Loretta Sanchez, but Sanchez voted in 2005 FOR a bill that would shield gun manufacturers from responsibility in some lawsuits when gun sales result in tragedy. Sorry, Sanchez, that was one mistake you’re not gonna live down with this voter!
    • That’s just me; whatever state or district you live in, use the information in the section above and your own research to vote for candidates who support making and enforcing laws that will keep assault rifles, which are, you know, for ASSAULTING PEOPLE and not to hunt quails or whatever because COME ON, out of the hands of dangerous people. Also vote for candidates who speak of all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender/gender orientation, sexual preference, age, etc. with respect. People don’t pick up an assault rifle, a pistol, a knife, or even their fists in a vacuum. The Planned Parenthood Shooter spoke of “baby parts” after storming a Colorado PP and killing three people, including a police officer; according to some reports, the piece of shit who murdered fifty people this morning was angered by seeing two men kiss in Miami months ago and had a history of domestic violence. That kind of homophobia and misogyny and anger isn’t all innate; these messages are reinforced by both private figures in our lives and, yes, public figures, too. What our elected officials say matters. When someone insinuates that all gay people are evil sinners, or all abortion providers are murderers, or all Mexicans are rapists, or all black people are thugs, or all Muslims are terrorists–people listen to this shit, and it poisons them. We can’t control what a given individual learns in their home growing up or from their friends or their place of worship, but we can control, to a certain extent, what our elected officials say to their constituents and their children. Vote for people who don’t say racist, homophobic, misogynistic, or other terrible shit.

So that’s what I’m doing and thinking. What are you doing? Seriously, if there are major things I’m missing, please tell me, because I want to do more. I’m sort of tipsy from drinking anger-wine tonight to dull the pain of this shitty world, but I’m fired up and want to do things because I am sick of this. I don’t even know if I’m going to have kids, but if I do, I want them to grow up in a better country and world. I also know there’s a huge mental health angle to all this, but it’s something that’s hard for me to tackle because I HAVE a mental illness and there’s so much to unpack with that all I can say for now is that the vast majority of people with mental illness do not hurt anyone and are non-violent (the same way that the vast majority of Muslims or white guys or anti-abortion people do not ever hurt anyone). That being said, it’s still something to discuss–I just don’t know how to do it tonight. If anyone has any resources, I would love to read them.

Finally, I’m just so, so, so sorry for the victims in Orlando and their families and friends, and for the global LGBT community. I love you. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.


Ten things legislators in North Carolina & Georgia could do instead of passing anti-LGBT laws

If you are “woke,” or even just regular-old conscious, you’ve probably heard about the latest BS coming out of North Carolina: a law that is essentially state-sponsored bigotry in the guise of “concern” for women and children who might unknowingly pee in a public restroom stall adjacent to an individual whose genitalia do not match their own, which would lead to…death, I guess? Apocalypse? It’s unclear, but sadly a similar law is being considered in Georgia, because apparently some state legislators just like to watch the world burn (and also to watch Disney and any other corporation or individual with a conscience spend their money elsewhere).

Three thousand think pieces have already been written about the law, and other than the obvious bigotry and ignorance behind it, people are also outraged because SERIOUSLY THIS IS HOW GOVERNMENT IS SPENDING CITIZENS’ TAX MONEY? To that end, I humbly submit the following ten ideas for what legislators in NC and Georgia could do with their time other than pass harmful and hateful laws to discriminate against some of their most vulnerable constituents:

10. Clean a public bathroom: Honestly, the biggest danger of public restrooms is how FUCKING DIRTY THEY ARE. Who gives a shit what’s between the legs of the person in the stall next to you if you have to put on a hazmat suit just to pee without fear at your local mall after drinking an extra-large Jamba Juice while browsing the clearance rack at Nordstrom Rack? If you really care about the experience people have in public restrooms in your state, get some rubber gloves, some Lysol, a toothbrush, and have at it. EVERYONE, gay, straight, black, white, transgender, cis will thank you, and as politicians you should have plenty of experience cleaning up shit (especially of your own making)!

9. Legislate against people who pee on the toilet seat: Related to point #10–you want to talk about a THREAT TO HARD-WORKING AMERICANS? How about those monsters who pee on the toilet seat and then don’t wipe it off? Where’s the fine against those assholes?  I don’t care if the person washing their hands at the next sink is a man, woman, cis, trans, genderqueer, or Martian, as long as they WIPE OFF THE SEAT AND FLUSH LIKE A GODDAMNED HUMAN BEING. You want to crack down on aberrant bathroom behaviors? I promise this is an issue all parties can get behind.


8. Try to fix poverty: Allegedly, these legislators are worried about the welfare of women and girls, hence this law. If they ACTUALLY cared about women and girls (and men, and people of color, and humans), NC and GA legislators could spend some real time brainstorming and enacting legislation to pull more of their citizens out of poverty, which would be helpful, as NC is #31 on the national poverty ranking, and GA is (gulp) #43. At the very least, they could refrain from passing measures, like North Carolina did with this VERY BILL, that make it illegal for municipalities to raise their minimum wage on their own, which could, ya know, TAKE PEOPLE OUT OF POVERTY and therefore HELP FAMILIES. From NPR:

The bill would bar cities or counties from imposing their own minimum wage. So any move to establish a local minimum wage higher than the $7.25 an hour federal minimum wage would be a nonstarter. This has been done by other cities such as Seattle, which is phasing in a $15 an hour minimum wage.

Yeah, I’m totally sure this bill was ALL about helping people, uh-huh, sure, okay!

7. Catch up on Daredevil: Don’t get me wrong-Season 1 was WAAAAY better than Season 2, but Charlie Cox has still got it, Foggy is my hero, and I’ll watch Deborah Ann Woll in anything. The point is, NC & GA legislators, take a break from the misplaced fear of things you don’t understand and enjoy some good, old-fashioned Marvel superhero death and gore–your constituents will thank you for it, especially if you miss work after a night of binge-watching and therefore are unable to pass further bullshit laws!

6. Pet a dog: At the end of the day, these legislators seem REALLY worried that some dude with a beard named Eric who was given the name Erica at birth and used to wear a pink onesie before he figured out who he really is might be taking a dump in the next stall while they’re shopping at Target. Being that upset out about such a non-event leads me to believe that they are suffering from some major stress, and according to Science, petting a dog can lower your blood pressure, calm you down, and make you a happier, healthier person! You can’t pet my dog, though–she’s allergic to bullying bigots, sorry!

Oh, did a bigot want to pet me? Sorry, I’m scheduled to lie in this chair all day and dream about treats.

5. Actually talk to a transgender person: Though they have every reason to hate the world, many transgender and gender non-conforming people are REALLY nice and open and would be happy to converse with legislators in NC, GA or any other state about their lives! Instead of relying on outdated biases to form opinions on trans people, legislators could have a beer, coke, or raw vegan smoothie with a transgender person and perhaps realize that they are, in fact, just PEOPLE–albeit often disadvantaged and depressed people, due to the discrimination they face.

4. Watch a Fixer Upper Marathon on HGTV: Everyone, homophobic misguided legislator or no, will benefit from watching Chip and Joanna redo crumbling homes in Waco for, like, three dollars. This should be required viewing for every American. JUST LOOK AT THEM.

chip and jo

3. Build a time machine to extricate themselves from the distant past: Look, these legislators are so out of it that they must be literally stuck in the past, so they obviously need to pool their resources, fix up an old Delorean, invent a flux capacitor, get back to the stones at Craigh na Dun, call up HG Wells, and come meet the rest of us here in the present.

Well see you in 2016 whenever you’re ready to join us, GA and NC GOP!
Outlander 2014
Disclaimer: I cannot promise that your time travel experience will result in meeting a smokin’ Scotsman.

2. Watch “Formation” and freak out again: Remember a few weeks back when Beyonce was the main thing ultra-conservatives were losing their minds over? Can we go back to that? Hey, legislators, watch the video again, and get REAL angry and forget to do the rest of your jobs! Look at her, all…dance-y…and…woman-y…and…black. And remember when she RUINED THE SUPER BOWL TOO AND MADE YOU LOOK UP FROM YOUR NACHOS? Remember how mad you were? Yeah! YOU KNOW YOU HATE HER, GOP DUDES, LET THE HATE FLOW THROUGH YOU!

Just watch the vid again…and again…and again…no need to go to work, or pass any laws, or do anything but have a rage stroke. Shhh. It’s okay. Keep watching…

1. Quit: Let’s get real, GOP lawmakers in GA and NC–you are dinosaurs. Your views are outdated and wrong; your priorities do not match those of reasonable people who are able to empathize with others who do not look, sound, or act exactly like themselves. Your greatest claim to fame will be when you are portrayed by an aged DiCaprio or Redmayne in thirty years as the villains in an Oscar bait movie. So why not quit while you’re ahead in the bigotry game?  Just go! Resign and withdraw to your gated communities and private manors, where you can take comfort in knowing that the only person using your marble-tiled bathroom will be you.

Hey, anyone know how I can get any of these suggestions put into law? 😉


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this post, please drop a comment below! Peace!