Voyage, Bon! (A-Z Challenge)

Laissez les bons temps rouler! Today, I am off on a voyage (usually I would say “trip,” but T was a couple days ago on the blogging challenge) to New Orleans for JazzFest. This is my first music festival in years; the last one I went to was Outside Lands in San Francisco when I first moved back there, oh, FIVE years ago.

I am much older and (maybe?) wiser this time, so I have some travel goals this time, and I’m putting them on the blog to keep myself accountable:

  • Don’t die: NOLA is booze and party central, and I am in my thirties, so staying alive might be a real challenge. I am going to try to limit my alcohol consumption to two drinks per day. LOL we’ll see how that goes. Also I will drink water.
  • See Stevie Wonder: OMG SO EXCITED. Also, the way 2016 is going, I think we all need to see as many musical legends in concert ASAP as they’re all dropping like flies.
  • Eat beignets: Never had one; time to change that. (I know, I am a noob, etc.)
  • Don’t get burned to a crisp: I am beyond ever trying to be tan again (not that I ever had that as a goal) and am owning being the palest bitch alive since Elizabeth I. I got my Neutrogena sheer sunscreen and a hippie dippie coverup for long festival days and I will NOT BE BURNED.
  • See a ghost: Okay, so this one might be hard, BUT I REALLY WANT TO SEE A GHOST AND I HEAR THERE ARE GHOSTS IN NEW ORLEANS! Especially since I am currently writing a novel with ghosts. If I don’t see a ghost, I at least want to see an Original Vampire. Preferably this one:
    Marcel, you beautiful son of a bitch, I love you. Also, Originals fans, I *know* he’s not technically an original, just a normal vampire. Get over it!


  • Not break my foot again: I am in normal shoes now, but the foot is still a little sore, so I will just have to walk slowly and not trip over cobblestones and shit (the not drinking too much should help with this, too). Sorry in advance, T and other girls on the trip, for being a slowpoke!
  • Finish the A-Z Challenge! I’m so close, guys! Many thanks to putting up with some of my less, er, inspired posts over the last twenty days or so. I’ve actually learned a lot during the challenge about blogging–what content works, what doesn’t, how to hone my humor, how to balance serious with comical topics, how to make sure you all know I’m an extreme nerd, etc. My posts may be shorter for letters W-Z, but I’m sure you all won’t mind too much.
  • Sweat more than any human has ever sweated before in the history of the world: I don’t think this one will be hard.


À bientôt, bloggy bitches!


Seriously, if you have any suggestions on what to do in New Orleans (never been!), please leave them in the comments 🙂


7 thoughts on “Voyage, Bon! (A-Z Challenge)”

  1. Have fun, NOLA is super weird and awesome. The people are friendly and the beignets are great. You’re going to have to stand in a considerably long line to get one though

    A bientot!

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  2. Here are my restuarant recommendations: St. James Cheese Co for lunch, Cafe Dumont for breakfast or a snack, and the Rum House for dinner. Boucherie and Jacques-imos Cafe are great. Don’t forget about the drive-through daiquiri shops and the Hurricanes/Hand Grenades! The Laffite’s Blacksmith is also the oldest bar/building in the city, very cool dimly lit spot at the end of Bourbon St. I’d recommend The Joint for BBQ. GW Fins is the best place for seafood and Creole creamery for ice cream, ok I’m done now, I swear… I’m so jealous! In terms of sight seeing, I recommend shopping at the end of Magazine St (the end closest to the zoo), touring some of the old above ground cemetaries, doing the plantation tours at Oak Alley and Laura Plantations. There are also some cute shops on Royal St in the French Quater, I’d avoid frenchman st for the most part. Taking the street cars down St. Charles is cool because the old masions are really beautiful. Oysters are also popular but the acme oyster house is very touristy. For oysters, I’d get the charcoal grilled oysters at a hotel down on Convention Center drive (near the Aquarium and the River Walk area) I think it’s a Marriott or Hilton. I’lll also heard Cochon is fabulous but I’ve never been since it opened after I left. Commanders Palace has a great Sunday brunch and The Bourbon House has pretty typical NOLA food and it’s at the other end of Bourbon St from Lafitte’s. Frenchman street is also fun in the French Quarter. Great jazz everywhere (I wish I had gone to more shows), the Treme brass band is fun. A swamp tour might also be fun but definitely a touristy thing to do. I hope this helps, I wish Incould show you around but you’re going to love Jazz Fest, the one day I went was great!


  3. For sunburns – Don’t forget a hat!!! Jazz Fest has little shade, and the sun can be brutal. Also, the after-parties in the neighbourhoods around the Fairgrounds are the best!

    I live in the city, so send questions if you have them!

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