Sunday A-Z Challenge: Ever After

It’s Sunday and I’m tired, so here is my short and bad “E” post in the #AZChallenge. The post is as follows and you WILL ENJOY IT…PLEASE.

PLEASE read this post or I will def cut your throat.

Ever After is a damned fantastic movie for the following five reasons:


5. Drew Barrymore’s atrocious English accent: It’s really bad and therefore awesomely entertaining. Why are American actors so bad at this? To be fair, my own version of a “Cockney” accent is just me yelling, so who am I to judge?

4. The costumes: It’s been, what, almost eighteen years? And the costumes are still amazing. Case in point:

drew princess
I’m not one of those girls who plans her wedding in her head, but if I were…

3. Leonardo Da Vinci is the Fairy Godmother: I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It’s almost as good/ridiculous as a holographic Leonardo Da Vinci being Captain Janeway’s occasional muse on Star Trek: Voyager in season 4 #nerdalert. Almost, but not quite.

da vinci
This is pretty ridiculous.
janeway da vinci
This is marginally more ridiculous.

2. It is yet another movie/TV show in which the French have inexplicable British accents: This is my favorite inconsistency or trope in all of media. It’s also how Sir Patrick Stewart played Captain Picard and that was a thing of beauty (#nerdalertpartdeux; also this post is more Star Trek themed than I had intended and I like it). I especially love how the actors, using British accents, occasionally mispronounce French words…AND THEY’RE ALL SUPPOSED TO BE FRENCH! It’s just my favorite thing.

1. Anjelica. Fucking. Huston: She slays it in this role. Behold–

anjelica huston

And she is just so evil and devastating and heartbreaking in this scene:

Cate Blanchett, girl, I know you tried to recapture the glory of Huston’s performance as a woman who chooses spite over kindness out of desperation in last year’s Cinderella, but this is the score to beat. And you didn’t. S’okay tho, just go enjoy your Oscars.

So yeah, it’s a GREAT FUCKING MOVIE. If you agree, tell me in the comments. If you disagree, tell me in the comments so I can hate you, you PEBBLE IN MY SHOE.

3 thoughts on “Sunday A-Z Challenge: Ever After”

  1. One of my roommates had never seen this movie. I found that unacceptable. She was having a movie night with a friend and I pretty much forced this on them and they loved it. This will always be a classic for me.

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