The Best & Worst of Daredevil, Season 2 (April A-Z)

It’s D-Day for the #AZChallenge on my blog, so I’m devoting it to the greatest superhero TV show ever at least during its first season, Marvel’s Daredevil. Below are my most and least favorite parts of Season 2, ranked.




5. Matt & Karen’s relationship: I’m sorry, but they have ZERO chemistry. They are both fantastic actors, but what happened to Karen’s thing with Foggy last season? It was much more believable. And the chemistry between Matt and Elektra was so off the chain in comparison that it reduced Matt and Karen’s romance to a redundant mechanism to add more ~angst~ to Matt’s double life.

4. The ridiculous “Hand” vs. “The Chaste” mythology: Look, I’m all for vagueness and foreshadowing, but Stick literally spent ten minutes monologuing about the Hand vs. the Chaste and I learned NOTHING about either of them AT ALL during it. Apparently Matt felt the same way, because he spent the rest of the season basically rolling his eyes at his entire plot line; he had my sympathies. The entire 2nd half the season focused on the Hand and Nobu (the evil immortal ninja, not the fancy restaurant) and I still do not understand their ultimate evil goals, and also why they are LITERALLY the worst ninjas because Daredevil always fights them off singlehandedly. And, sorry, I think the revelation that Elektra was Black Sky, whatever the fuck that means, was a lame and easily predictable plot development.

3. The Blacksmith: What. The. Fuck. Was that it? Was that old army colonel (or major, I can’t even remember since he was onscreen for so little time) really the evil drug lord responsible for the death of Castle/Punisher’s family? Why the hell did he come back from Iraq to start a drug ring? Why would he agree to testify on behalf of Castle? WHY WAS HE EVEN IN THIS SHOW AT ALL? Was there really no other way for Punisher to acquire a fancy body armor vest and more weapons so he can go off and be his own antihero? Lame. I’m not sure I even want this to be followed up on in later seasons because it pissed me off so much.

2. How do any of these people afford anything? Nelson and Murdock is apparently always either flat broke or accepting livestock as payment because they are feudal lords/lawyers, and yet Matt, Karen, and Foggy all maintain individual residences as well as rent in Hell’s Kitchen. Now, I understand that this is post-Avengers Hell’s Kitchen, so prices are lower than Real Life Hell’s Kitchen, but COME ON. They also dress really well (particularly Karen, who you’d think would be the poorest of ’em all being a secretary), and there’s no mention of them making use of any of the money Elektra “paid” them as Matt’s mystery client. HOW ARE THEY EVEN ALIVE? CAN WE AT LEAST HAVE ONE SCENE WHERE KAREN STRUGGLES TO AFFORD TAMPONS OR WEARS AN OUTFIT TWICE OR SOMETHING?

1. Matt Murdock: God, he pissed me off this season. He totally fucked Foggy and Karen over, and he does not deserve their goodwill or forgiveness. He screwed up the Punisher trial, basically told Fisk that he was Daredevil by going to see him and allowing himself to get all riled up, and was an ass to Karen and led her on when he clearly preferred Elektra all along. Also, I know you’re Catholic, Matt, but sometimes you’re gonna have to kill someone. Yeah, Frank Castle is a broken man, but you’re no better than he is, not really. Get off your high horse, you bastard.


10. Every time Stick called someone an “asshole” or a “jackass”: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I love that the mastermind behind a whole war over the soul of humanity is just your typical cranky grandfather but blind and with ninja powers.

9. Elektra: Though Matt’s reaction to Elektra pissed me off, I really ended up rooting for her. She’s broken, like everyone else in the show, but she’s smart enough to know it and eventually sacrifices herself to the cause (for now…). I also liked that even though I was rooting for her, I didn’t particularly like her. Yay for unlikable anti-heroines! Also her style was on point and I love that her outfit was not overly sexualized (though I can’t believe she wasn’t allowed to have full sleeves, COME ON).

8. Claire aka the Night Nurse: Badass as usual. Rosario Dawson is a queen. I also loved Dawson’s performance in the super creepy scene when the Blood-Bank Zombie Kiddos (I’m trademarking that) kill the other nurse and get “rescued” by the ninjas at Metro general. That whole scene was fantastic, really.

7. Hogarth’s cameo with Foggy: I squealed! I love me some Carrie-Ann Moss, and here’s hoping maybe we’ll see some of Foggy on Season 2 of Jessica Jones???

6. The fight scene in the stairwell (Daredevil vs. the Bikers)

5. The fight scene in the jail (Punisher vs. an entire cell block)

4. The fight scene when Daredevil helps Punisher escape from the Irish before turning him in to the police.

3. FISK RETURNS! Yasssss! I was waiting for this. As usual, Vincent D’Onofrio was brilliant in every scene. He was particularly effective in his second meeting with Frank after he set him up to die in the cell block, as well as in his confrontation with Matt (where Matt basically is like, “Oh btw I’m really strong and have strangely good reflexes for a blind dude let’s see if that lights up any bulbs for ya!”). Nothing will ever beat Fisk as a villain on DD in my opinion.

2. Frank Castle/The Punisher: He kills people dead, and I kind of like it. Look, he’s obviously fucked in the head in some way, but Jon Bernthal gave a real depth to the performance (without too many spoken lines when you think about it). I also loved his connection with Karen and the scene in the diner with her in particular. Just a great character and performance.

1. FOGGY!!!! Foggy has been acknowledged as the true hero of Daredevil, and that’s no lie. He’s funny, brave, loyal, and cute in a floppy-haired way. He’s the moral center of the show, and I’m SO happy that he got the fuck away from Matt and will get a job that will (one would hope) allow him to pay his rent. I do want the bromance between him and Matt to reestablish itself, but it’s Matt who has to reconcile with Foggy, not the other way around. Foggy is great. Foggy, will you marry me?


That’s it! I hope I haven’t pissed off too many Marvel fans. Tell me what I inevitably missed in the comments.


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