The world is falling apart still, so, screw it, here’s another beauty post

So yesterday I was going to do my beauty post but I was still reeling from the Planned Parenthood shooting and so I wrote a thing about visualizing a better world, and then as I was writing it there was another mass shooting and I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So today, screw it, before anyone can murder a lot of other people (or at least before I can read about it on Twitter) I’m going to tell you what shit to buy/not buy from this here Allure beauty box.

As with my first beauty post, I’m listing the products in order from my least favorite to most favorite.  The box itself is pictured below, super cute as usual, but only one of the six products was actual makeup, which disappointed me because I love putting colors on my FACE. Whatever, though, #firstworldproblems, amirite?


Here goes!

Product Ranked #6 – Klorane Floral Eye Make-Up Remover ($16 for 6.7 oz.): So…meh? I mean, it smelled nice, and it did take off my makeup after some rubbing, but it sort of stung my eyes, which is the opposite of what I want in a makeup remover (though there was no lasting irritation). To be fair, I am in general not a fan of makeup removers in bottles-I prefer wipes, and love the Neutrogena ones in particular. I’ve been using them for years and they don’t sting, don’t irritate my skin, and get off all my eye makeup and other makeup with one or 2 wipes, max. With the Klorane stuff, I went through 3 cotton balls, which I felt like was equivalent paper-wise to 1-2 Neutrogena wipes, so overall I was let down by this stuff. If you really want an eye-makeup remover that smells like flowers, though, knock yourself out. I will be disposing of my bottle of this stuff, however.

Product Ranked #5- Crabtree & Evelyn Verbena and Lavender de Provence Bath and Shower Gel ($22 for 8.5 oz): This stuff was fine and smelled fine (a little strong for my taste, but the scent itself was pleasant). However, this is some damned expensive body wash. I didn’t actively dislike it, but I will go back to my Walgreens-knock-off-of-Dove body wash after using up this sample and won’t miss a beat. Buy it in bulk if you are stocking the bathrooms at your charming bed-and-breakfast that you co-own in Connecticut with Lorelai Gilmore. Otherwise, pass.

Product Ranked #4 – L’Occitane Divine Youth Oil ($106 for 1 oz.): I loved the scent of this weightless oil, which somewhat prevented my skin from entering Cryptkeeper territory while I was in New Hampshire over Thanksgiving and dying from an awful cold. However, does my skin look any smoother or younger than it did before a week of regular use? Nope. I honestly liked the results of the oil from last month’s box better (the Jouer Repair oil) – more moisturizing, longer-lasting, and less than half the price of the L’Occitane. Don’t get me wrong, the Divine Youth Oil is nice enough, but not worth the price for me.

Product Ranked #3 – Mally Beauty High-Shine Liquid Lipstick ($20): Now we’re getting to the good stuff.  I really liked the applicator for this liquid lipstick lip gloss (come on, guys, it’s lip gloss, who do you think you’re fooling here?); it’s some sort of a hard brush? Or something? Anyways, it makes it easier to apply more precisely than your average lipgloss, which I usually end up glooping all over half my face like the Joker. I ended up getting the palest shade (Pearly Girl) in my box, which is almost clear on me, and was surprised by how much I liked it with some eye makeup to create a ~natural look omg~:


I am interested in acquiring other shades, but for now am enjoying the one I have and have also applied it over darker lipstick (it’s some random revlon shade, below), which looks nice, too.

Ignore how dead I look in the eyes my eye makeup faded in the rain I am alive and not a zombie I swear!

Overall, I recommend this stuff!

Product Ranked #2 – Kevin Murphy Anti-Gravity ($25 for 150 mL): This is a hair volumizing serum, which is good because my hair often lacks volume. I’ve been using it consistently for the past week and really liking the results. My hair is shiny and definitely bouncier than usual, and the serum seems to bring out a natural waviness to my layers which I like:

Ignore how dead I look in the eyes my eye makeup faded in the rain I am alive and not a zombie I swear!


Twenty-five bucks for 5 oz. of this stuff might seem excessive, but honestly you just need a little bit in your palm (like a nickel-sized dollop) and then rub your hands together and run through your hair. Presto! Nice hair! This little tub is going to last me a long while. Good hair FTW!

Product Ranked #1 – Hanae by Hanae Moi perfume ($92 for 1.7 oz): I don’t wear perfume on a daily basis, but if I did I would wear this every day. It smells fruity, but not too fruity, with a hint of vanilla, and is just yummy. When I go out for, like, a nice dinner and stuff, I generally wear Coco Mademoiselle as my go-to, but I might have to switch in the future to this (I’m using up that coco first tho because $$$$). If you want to smell super good, you can’t go wrong with this perfume, because it’s lovely. Highly recommend!

Ok, so that is the November Beauty Box! I’ll be back in late Dec/Early Jan with my picks from the December box, and in the meantime please STAY THIRSTY MY FRIENDS PRETTY!





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