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I’ve been letting those voices get into my head.

two caucasian young men hearing voices influencing in shadow white background Stilling the cacophony

Not schizophrenic type voices. No worries there. As a therapist friend once told me, “You’re so solid and Midwestern it’s scary. Freak out a little, for God’s sake.”

What I’ve been hearing are the voices of the people I interact with in my life.

If you’re a creative type like me, then you’re sensitive. You take things in. You intuit things people never say and you’re usually uncannily correct. You can feel others’ feelings as an energy. Sometimes you just know things as true and have no idea how—but generally, they are proven to be true.

It is a win/win when you tune into this capacity to tap energy beyond your own. When you use it to bring new thoughts, ideas and creations into the world. You open new vistas for you and those that consume what you…

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